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5 Tips to Combat RSI and Other Author Health Issues

By Ben Cameron, May 8 2017 04:33PM

By Laxmi Hariharan

This year I completed three books in four months. Great you say? Well the result I was struck by RSI – Repetitive Stress Injury. Not just painful, but chronic not something you can treat with medicine. And worse I couldn’t write.

I had to step away from my keyboard for an entire two weeks and it killed me. Not just because I wasn’t producing but because I wasn’t writing. The ability to express myself has become a part of me to the extent that if I can’t write, it feels I am bottling up emotions inside. No wonder writers are loners. You share so much in your books; you have nothing left to share in the real world. So, this post is about how to prevent RSI from striking. Here’s what you can do-

Treat your body like that of a marathon runner. An athlete. Your arms especially and your eyes are your income earners. You have to take care of them.

1. Download anti-RSI software app that makes you stop and step away from Keyboard at regular times. This is key, prevent RSI now before it hits you, especially if you have a day job and also write. Try this free software:

2. Ergonomic keyboard and mouse. These work as I found after much research. I also switched to using a left-handed mouse (easier than you’d think)

3. This book and exercises helped too. Good to use them to stretch your fingers even if you don’t have RSI:

As did this:

4. It’s important to have a daily stretching routine to ensure your muscles are limber. These exercise help: yoga, pilates or Aikido or any other routine that gets you to stretch. Something like barre yoga I found is perfect:

5. Or you can switch to DRAGON, the best voice to writing software which many prolific writers use: I haven’t yet tamed the dragon I confess, so more on that soon.

Laxmi Hariharan is a New York TImes bestselling author. Follow her on Instagram:

Have you suffered from writers’ RSI? If you did do tweet us @cameronpmtweets and let us know how you dealt with it here on twitter: You can also contact us at, or Facebook:

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