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Two Week Publicity Service

A great way to use our professional skills and contacts to get you started with your own publicity campaign.


We create a professionally designed press release and personally pitch your book to at least two subject areas, including as much follow-up as we are able to do within the time period. At the end of the service we will provide you with a list of media contacts who have shown interest in your project for you to follow-up yourself.  We request 15 copies of your book, which we will send with press releases to relevant media who require printed books and upon request to those who are interested in covering or reviewing the book.

“Cameron Publicity and Marketing did a great job working with my debut novel, securing important coverage in national media such as The Independent as well as within my specialized subject area.”


- Rodrigo Ayala,

author of The



“I used Cameron Publicity and Marketing to promote my first book. I found them to be effective and have achieved several leads, with the Daily mail an FHM to date reviewing my book. I would  recommend them to any new or existing author.”


-  Roger Sproston,

Author of

Fighting for


NetGalley ( is an online distribution network for ebooks. Essentially it is a way for publishers and publicists to get ebooks into the hands of media professionals, reviewers, bloggers and librarians in whatever format that they need for their ebook reading device. It is a fantastic way for authors to start generating reviews, establish marketing and  build their author platform.


We upload your book, book cover, blurb, author information, website links and metadata to the site. Reviewers can learn about your book and, if interested, request to download your book. That request comes to us for approval and if we approve them they are able to download and read your book for free. Their download is DRM protected, cannot be copied or forwarded and has an expiry date.


There are over 100,000 reviewers registered with NetGalley and about 75% of responses come from the US (the remainder are worldwide) so we recommend that books are available as ebooks in the US for the best results. Please also keep in mind that reviews are always honest and can be glowing, critical or anywhere in between.


We have two levels of service for NetGalley:


Standard NetGalley Listing

Your book will be uploaded and listed on NetGalley for 4 weeks. We will administer download requests for you and pass any reviews on to you.


NetGalley PLUS

Your book will be uploaded and listed on NetGalley for 6 weeks. We will administer download requests for you and pass any reviews on to you. Toward the end of the NetGalley listing term we will personally contact all of the readers who have downloaded your book to encourage them to review the book. We will also urge reviewers to post their reviews on their blog, Amazon and/or Goodreads as well as NetGalley.


In addition to our full publicity campaigns, we have a number of services designed to provide professional book marketing support to authors and publishers enacting their own publicity and promotion efforts.


Press Release Service

A bespoke professional press release created after consultation with the author. Designed to target the book to its best media audience and to provide information to media contacts in a way that they will respond to.


Media Pitch Service

You provide us with a press release (or we can create a professional press release for you as above) and we send out your press release to a list of media targeted by subject with a professionally created covering email highlighting relevant media interest points. The number of media contacts reached varies according to the subject but is generally 200 - 500 named people working across television, radio, newspapers, magazines and online media. All responses will be passed on to you for follow-up.


Author Website

A website is an essential tool for any author to enable readers and the media to find out more about the author and their work.


We provide a bespoke, professionally designed 5 page website created in consultation with you to highlight your book(s) and to introduce you as an author. The website will also contain links to retailers and social media accounts. Hosting and maintenance are included for the first year, if required. After the first year the charge for hosting and maintenance is only £75/year. You are free to move your website to another host at any time with no extra charge.


Book Trailers

Book trailers are short video advertisements that and be used to enhance author websites and social media sites or can be posted on video sharing sites such as Youtube, where they can help to attract new potential readers.


We will create a bespoke 1-2 minute high-quality trailer for your book using book covers, photos and video images supplied by you or sourced stock imagery. The trailer also includes music and/or a voiceover narration and will end with links to websites where your book can be purchased.



Author Interview

We will film and edit a 3-4 minute question and answer interview with you. You will have the opportunity to talk about your book, your subject and your inspiration and to build your profile as an author.


We will work with you on questions and answers that work best for your book and when completed we will give the interview file to you so that you are able to post it on your website and share it using social media such as Twitter and Facebook. We can also post it on Youtube for you if you would like us to.



Book Cover Design (including back cover and author biography copy writing)

Much more than a standard book cover service, you will benefit from the professional expertise of both a highly experienced book cover designer and a book marketing copywriter to create a front and back cover that will attract and intrigue readers.


Service includes a bespoke jacket designed to your brief, including front, spine and back provided in print-ready PDF format as well as JPG and 3D versions for promotion purposes. We will also write a blub for the back cover of the book that is designed to entice and intrigue readers and an author biography that can be used on the book as well as for listings on websites such as Amazon and Goodreads.


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“Having just completed a highly successful PR campaign with Cameron Publicity and Marketing, I can honestly say that I cannot imagine having coped without their professionalism, expertise and unfailing good humour. I very much hope that we will work together in the future.”


- Safia Shah, author of Carnaby Street’s Great Uninvited: Around the World in 80 Years